With the introduction of a Facebook-like algorithm, it is more important than ever to be creating quality content for your Instagram feed.

While it is getting harder for businesses to appear in their ideal client’s feed, if you want to boost your Instagram game, the same, age-old golden rules of social media apply.

  1. Quality over Quantity
  2. Incorporate Calls to Action
  3. Aim for Real-Time Engagement
  4. Use Instagram Stories to share more candid content

Making Instagram Work for You

There are countless blog posts, articles and commentary about engagement pods, “shadowbanning”, follow/unfollow tactics and bots. And yes, some of those are still pretty sure-fire ways to increase your number of followers.

But unless those numbers are truly¬†ideal customers, then really, what’s the point?

Be authentic.
Connect with your community.

Instagram is an amazing platform for really getting to know what your customers want. What they value. What they enjoy. Not only will authentic engagement build trust in your brand in a long-lasting way, but it will help you to refine and retarget your ideal customers in a way that benefits you both!

Sample Instagram Content

Creating Content for Instagram

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